KDDI Shanghai Cooperates with “Changshu Innovation Center for Green & Intelligent Manufacturing”


- Using IoT to Promote Making Smart Factories throughout Jiangsu, China -

KDDI announces that their Chinese subsidiary, Shanghai KDDI Communications Engineering Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shanghai, People’s Republic of China; CEO: Hiroshi Ito; hereinafter “KDDI Shanghai”), will cooperate with G&I Technology(Changshu) Co,.Ltd (Headquarters: Changshu, People’s Republic of China; CEO: Wensheng Fan ; hereinafter “G&I Technology”), which was established on July 11, 2017 and manages the “Changshu Innovation Center for Green & Intelligent Manufacturing”.

The “Changshu Innovation Center for Green & Intelligent Manufacturing” is a facility managed by G&I Technology, established through the investments of Changshu, China and private enterprises in an 8,700 m2 area in the Chinese government’s Changshu National New & High-tech Industrial Development Zone. It includes a permanent exhibition space, a seminar room that holds about 200 people, and a research space created through the collaborations of industry and academia. This facility was established with the purpose of research and development of new technology, and creation of new business in the IoT field, including factory automation (FA) and robotics, as well as promoting smart factories.

In this cooperation, KDDI Shanghai will proactively communicate information to customers through the center’s permanent exhibition booth and seminars, introducing various IoT solutions for creating smart factories, including a remote operations support system, solutions for acquiring and visualizing all data within a factory in real time, and an electronic business form system to enable a change to paperless reports. This way, they will contribute to the promotion of smart factories in China.
G&I Technology will also distribute KDDI Shanghai’s IoT solutions to Chinese companies in Jiangsu Province.

In 2015, the Chinese government announced “Made in China 2025”, and through the construction of the Innovation Center for the manufacturing industry, one of their five big projects, they are promoting smart factories. Among this, Jiangsu boasts the second highest GDP in China, with secondary industry (including manufacturing) accounting for about half of that [1]. Many factories, including those from Japanese companies and Chinese companies, accumulate there, and the area is expected to continue growing in the future.

The KDDI Group will continue to provide one-stop support for the business activities of overseas customers through everything from ICT infrastructure design to construction and maintenance.

[1] Source:2015 Jiangsu National Economic and Social Development Statistics Bulletin

■ “Changshu Innovation Center for Green & Intelligent Manufacturing”Opening Ceremony (July 11, 2017)

<(left to right)Jun Igami, Wensheng Fan (G&I Technology, Hiroyuki Soshi>


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