Announcement for PDPA Seminar “IT Solutions for the Start of the PDPA(Personal Data Protection Act)”

KDDI Thailand November 29, 2019

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PDPA Seminar

A thorough explanation of how to handle the PDPA, including IT solutions

With the Kingdom of Thailand’s first personal information protection law, the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) set to go into effect in May 2020, many companies are surely searching for information on how to adapt to the new law.

The PDPA will place restrictions on businesses’ handling of personal information, and it is expected to have a large effect on Japanese corporations currently operating in Thailand, or considering operating in Thailand in the future. As of Nov. 2019, government ordinances, rules and guidelines related to the PDPA have not been publically announced, and it will be necessary to keep a close eye on what the Thailand government’s Personal Data Protection Committee does from here on.

In this seminar, in addition to providing a correct understanding of the PDPA, we will introduce what we believe to be required countermeasures to adapt to the new law.

Personal data protection in ASEAN countries

Personal data protection in ASEAN countries

Participation is free (preregistration is required)

Date and time
Jan. 24, 2020, 14:00 to 17:00 (Venue opens at 13:30)
Grande Centre Point Hotel Ploenchit
Held by
KDDI Thailand
Target audience
People in charge of IT or internal affairs (people in charge of departments related to responding to the PDPA), representatives of Thailand subsidiaries
Max audience
40 people (This event will be conducted in Japanese)
What to bring
2 of your business cards

Presentation contents

14:00~IT A Future connected to IoT, AI and RPA
For customers expanding to overseas, KDDI Thailand provides international and domestic network access lines, Internet line telecommunications services, as well as a variety of ICT solutions. In this session, in addition to a guide to our existing offerings, we will explain about state-of-the-art technologies like “IoT”, “AI”, and “RPA”, and KDDI’s goal of a “connected future”.
Lectures by KDDI Thailand
14:15~Legal Economic growth forecast for 2020 onward and the development of the digital economy (tentative title)
In addition to the latest movements of the Thailand economy, we will explain the economic growth forecast for 2020 onward and provide a legal analysis of the growth of the digital economy occurring in an innovation-led model stemming from “Thailand 4.0”, which aims to foster next-generation industry based on digitalization and IT.
Lectures by law specialists

20 minute break
We plan to have an RPA demonstration booth set up. Please visit it and experience the benefits of work process automation.

15:20~Legal Correct understanding of the law and points that corporations must consider (tentative title)
Together with the advancement of information technology, personal information is now being gathered and stored in massive amounts, and here in the Kingdom Thailand as well, privacy and the protection of personal information have come to the forefront as issues to be addressed. In this session, in anticipation of the PDPA going into effect in May 2020, we will provide a detailed explanation of how to correctly understand the relevant laws and about related points that corporations must consider.
Lectures by law specialists
16:00~IT IT measures that corporations should be considering
With the PDPA going into effect in May 2020, what IT measures should corporations be considering? In consideration of corporations’ digital transformations, we will explain what IT countermeasures we think should be done now and introduce our service offerings.
Lectures by KDDI Thailand
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Grande Centre Point Hotel Ploenchit
100, Wireless Road Lumphini, Pathum Wan, Bangkok, Thailand

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