KDDI Thailand webinar "What you should do now, to win in the covid-19 situation", September 6

KDDI Thailand August 30, 2021

KDDI Thailand webinar

Rethinking operational efficiency and digital transformation in the Covid-19 Situation.
Introducing service utilization examples in Thailand and other regions.

In this seminar, in light of the changes on a global scale brought about by the Covid-19, in the Southeast Asian market, we will introduce service information and application examples under the theme of how companies will implement business efficiency and internal transformation.

Sample comments that we got from our customer

  • Please tell me the solution under the COVID-19 environment.
  • I have a lot of paper signature works, I want to do something about it.
  • I don't know where to start business efficiency and internal transformation.
We plan the contents that would answer to these issues.

Webinar Overview
Date & Time 6th September 2021(Mon)
14:00~15:30 (ICT)
16:00~17:30 (JST)
Type Microsoft Teams Webminar
Language Thai Language Session
Organizer KDDI Thailand
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เวลาทำการ: จันทร์-ศุกร์ เวลา 9:00 - 17:15 น.
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