Create a secure corporate network that supports zero-trust

To meet our customers’ needs, we provide a wide variety of network services, such as network connections between business locations and Internet connectivity, as well as monitoring and operational services. We can support customers in adopting secure, zero-trust networks.

Does your organization have the following needs?

combine your closed network with Internet access

You want to
combine your closed network
with Internet access
for a solution that is optimal for your organization.

limit the operational burdenbr
related to WAN router management and reduce network circuit costs

You have more locations than before and want to
limit the operational burden
related to WAN router management and reduce network circuit costs.

comfortably use high-bandwidth applications

You want to be able to
comfortably use high-bandwidth applications(such as video) and cloud-based applications.

your company's security measures

You are concerned about
your company's security measures
as you proceed with implementing new-normal work styles.

KDDI Thailand has the answer

Flexible and fast adaptation to changes in business

By automating IT asset management, Automatically check your device for vulnerabilities!

We centrally provide endpoint security such as IT asset management and detection of terminals violating security policies.

Optimize network performance and trim your total costs

Security measures against "unknown threats"! Realize a secure PC terminal
Minimize risks by blocking suspicious communications and processes

EDR can detect viruses and malware that are difficult to detect with antivirus alone. We will improve the detection accuracy at the terminal and realize "immediate response" to incidents.

We provide safe and low-lag usage of cloud services

Enhanced user authentication enables "correct" authority management for each user

Multi-factor authentication and restricted access (SSO) provide a highly convenient and secure environment for corporate cloud usage.

Safe and low-latency usage of the cloud services you need to boost work efficiency

Safe and low-latency usage of the cloud services you need to boost work efficiency (SASE solution)

As part of KDDI Managed zero-Trust, which promotes new ways of working for companies, we provide an integrated secure network environment that meets the challenges of global companies, such as remote work and mobile access.

What is zero-trust?

Learning Zero Trust definition by YouTube.

"Zero trust" is new architecture of "Network & Security" category, this movie is explaining about detail "What is Zero trust" & "HOW TO implement Zero trust architecture" into IT environment step by step.

Video playback time: 7:39 (English subtitle)

zero-trust configuration example

We will propose the best solution for your environment.

zero-trust configuration example


  • Countermeasures that assume intrusions, as avoiding all indiscriminate attacks is difficult
  • Standardized cloud usage, enabling location independence and high convenience
  • Strengthened security that detects threats after intrusion
  • Reliable security and usage guidelines for service providers
  • User authentication and infrastructure construction

KDDI Zero Trust

Easy-to-understand explanation of the concepts behind Zero Trust by Yuki Wasai at KDDI Thailand. Download the free documentation now.

What is Zero Trust?

Are SASE the Key?

Strengthen Overseas Governance

Asset Management & Vulnerabilities Inspection

User Authentication

Integrated Operation to Enhance Security and Governance

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