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Press Release KDDI Thailand 50th Anniversary

Thanks to you, KDDI Thailand celebrated its 50th anniversary in June 2022


Counting from the establishment of our representative office in Bangkok, Thailand in June 1972, we at KDDI Thailand celebrated our 50th anniversary this year.

We believe that this is the result of the support of all our stakeholders, including our customers. We would like to take this opportunity to deeply thank you.

During this time, economic, industrial and social changes that could not even have been imagined have occurred, and together with these, technological innovation has greatly advanced.

Not only is everything now connected to the Internet, but the boundary between what is happening in real space and what is happening in virtual space (cyberspace) is vanishing, a so-called "spatial fusion between the physical and cyber", bringing rise to new economic and industrial areas.

Here in Thailand as well, the development of network infrastructure, such as that for 5G communication, and accelerating advances in cloud technology are progressing and affecting all fields. At the same time as this dramatic technological progress, societies are also once again recognizing the importance of in-person communication.

As we celebrate our 50th anniversary, and while being thankful for the history and results that our customers, partners and our own predecessors have built before us, we at KDDI Thailand intend to further expand our efforts to advance with our customers without fear of taking on new challenges, helping customers develop their businesses and contributing as much as we can to the development of Thailand's society and economy.

We would like to express our gratitude to all of you for 50 years and we ask for your continued guidance and support in the future.

- Everyone at KDDI Thailand

History of KDDI Thailand


JanuaryEstablished Bangkok residential preparation office
JuneEstablished Bangkok residential office


MarchEstablished KDD office in Bangkok, Thailand. Established KDD Corporation (Thailand)


JanuaryKDD Corporation (Thailand) name changed to KDDI Thailand Ltd.
JuneObtained Thai National Broadcasting and Communications Commission telecommunications operator license
(Type 1)


FebruaryBegan offering Internet service


NovemberBegan offering mobility solution services


AprilBegan offering cloud solution services


JanuaryBegan offering managed service solutions


DecemberBegan offering SD-WAN solutions, a new network service suitable for Internet and cloud usage


NovemberStarted providing IoT solutions and exhibited at METALEX 2018, one of the largest manufacturing exhibitions
DecemberObtained an IoT service provider license from the Thai National Broadcasting and Communications Commission
(a first for a Japanese company)


AugustStarted providing security measures and RPA solutions for production factories


MarchAcquired UiPath RPA Gold Partner certification (acquired Diamond Partner certification in 2021)
JulyStarted providing PDPA-focused solutions


AprilStarted offering hybrid video conference solutions


JanuaryAnnounced the establishment of Thailand's largest interconnection data center "Telehouse Bangkok"
FebruaryBegan providing 4K video transmission service between Thailand and Japan using a 5G network
MarchProvided a smart factory demonstration project for industrial complex manufacturing companies using a local 5G
AprilBegan offering corporate business-oriented DX solutions
JuneCollaborated in a cold chain demonstration project for marine products between Japan and Thailand
JuneKDDI Thailand 50th anniversary

About KDDI Asia Pacific cooperation

Throughout Southeast Asia, we provide support for overcoming various issues, such as in information, telecommunications or business systems, faced by corporate customers who are planning to expand their businesses overseas.

We fully support our customers' businesses through our 16 offices in 12 Asian countries including Thailand, where our office plays a central role in our Asian Pacific operations, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia, and India!

KDDI アジアパシフィックの連携について

The KDDI Group's future (Our Vision)

KDDI has formulated its "Midterm Management Strategy (2022-2024)", including "KDDI VISION 2030", which aims for a resilient future society that balances economic development and solutions to social issues while responding swiftly to changes in the business environment.

In the strategy, we announced our "Satellite Growth Strategy," in which we aim to evolve the telecommunications business through 5G and expand our business in telecommunications. The Satellite Growth Strategy also defined DX as a focal area of our business, through the promotion of which we aim to support customers in business creation.

We also aim to create a positive DX cycle where people's lifestyles are transformed through newly created added value.

KDDI VISION 2030 and Mid-Term Management Strategy


KDDI Thailand Services (Recommended services page)

We will fully support your business environment and IT environment, focused on the three business domains of IoT, DX and zero-trust!

The information contained in the news releases is current at the time of publication. Products, service fees,service content and specifications, contact information, and other details are subject to change without notice.

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