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Security KDDI Cloud Inventory Feature list

A unified cloud management service for device security

IT Asset Management

HW/SW listing & ExportingListing HW/SW inventory. The data can be exported by CSV.
License Management Report/SummaryReporting MS-Office /Adobe apps Utilization.
Standalone PCs HandlingInventorying Standalone PCs.
Application PortalA portal site with a list of apps which users can download.

Security Management

Diagnosing Security VulnerabilityDiagnosing security vulnerability of client devices and indicating security in one of the 5 security levels.
Antivirus SW INSTL Statuses ReportReporting antivirus SW installation status.
SW Forcible UpdatingApplying the policy to enforce updating Wins OS, Adobe Reader and so forth on client devices.
Banned Apps Detect & Launch ControlDetecting banned Apps and controlling launching them.
NTWK Connection ControlControlling access connections to Wi-Fi and VPN networks.
SD card /Bluetooth ControlRestricting access the data on SD card/Bluetooth.
ISM Client Program RestartingRestarting the ISM client program automatically whenever it is stopped.
Detecting the CNFIG Profile DeletionDetecting the CNFIG profile is deleted.
Apps Launching ControlRestricting the usage of specified apps when a device is lost or stolen.
Locating the client devicesLocating the lost device on Google Maps/BingMaps, helped by GPS.
Remote Lock/WipeRemote Locking or wiping out the lost/stolen devices or a failure in compliance.
Rooted/Jail broken Device FindingsFinding rooted /jail broken devices and notifying the ADMIN by mail.
Setting Up Stringent PolicyAssigning or switching to the pre-defined stringent policy on a failure in compliance.
Defender ControlAllows you to control Windows Defender settings and see the existing settings and malware detected for each managed device.
Communication device restrictions1. Restrict communication with Bluetooth devices
2. Restrict communication by specifying IP addresses
3. Restrict access point connectivity with SSID specifications
External Media Control*1Placing restrictions on external media such as USB memory devices.
Collecting User Operation Logs*1Collecting user operation logs from PCs via the Internet to reveal policy-violating activities on those PCs.
HDD Encryption*1Encrypting an entire hard drive, not only the OS, which provides stronger security and protects managed devices from data theft.
Behavioral detection*1Unknown threats are detected,stopped and removed using engines that predict malware behavior.
Log analytics*1Collect PC operation logs that show who did what and when. Check PC operational status, or take advantage of various features including logs of when webconferences were held. Long-term storage (up to 7 years' worth of logs) lets you quickly investigate even past incidents.

Remote Management

Remote control (simplified version)Allows operation of (remote control) and file transfer to client devices via the Internet.
Software Distribution Folder TransferDistributing software, folders and files via the premise network.
App Distribution & UninstallationDistributing and uninstalling apps on client devices.
Quick Remote Control (high-performance version)Enables administrators to perform high-speed, stress-free remote control of PCs at regional offices or of those working from home.

Other Features

Monthly reportsEach month, inventory data for the start of that month is provided in a report file (Excel format)
*Depending on the node to be used, the functionality that can be provided and the price of service vary. Please contact us for details.

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