Amazon FSx for Windows File Server (AWS service)

A solution for on-premises
file server management

On-premises challenges to date

My company's shared folders are full and I want to add more, but I don't know the best solution.

IT dedicated support is not available internally, and there is concern about what to do in the event of a failure

We should take backup
of important files.

AWS FSx services don't require hardware management.
Define of Software and OS could manage from AWS dashboard.

The Amazon FSx service is designed for Windows FileServer.

KDDI Thailand selected the service for replacement for the NAS, which is the file sharing that Japanese companies in Thailand often use.

Amazon FSx for Windows File Server

AWS FSx Service Features

Easily build Windows file server functionality on the cloud

The same usability as your shared network drive

Same as current shared folder usage

No issues with hardware failure like with NAS

Eliminate NAS and other hardware failures

Backup and restore capability

Backup and data recovery option available

Flexible scalability

Scale Expansion Flexibility

Safe and secure with AWS, a global service

AWS has compliance with security over the global

Better efficiency using AWS’s duplicate removal feature

AWS has Unique De-duplication functions. Increase efficiency of use.

Reduced workload on administrators

Operational cost reduction.

Start using right away

No hardware purchase required.

Suggesting the KDDI Thailand will take care of data migration and system operation. We have best way to store electronic documents.

KDDI Thailand services

AWS Payment Agent

KDDI provide one-stop service, you can reduce the time and effort, summarize bills, and support currency.

Setup, Migration

KDDI’s Certified Engineer will provide Design, Migration Planning, Build and Migration to AWS.

Managed Services

KDDI will provide support program after migration.

Strength point of KDDI Thailand

  • KDDI has several AWS Certified engineers who work with you. The AWS system development for migration also supported by our engineer.
  • We also have system migration solution.
  • Support Desk (Service Desk) service available. If there is a problem in the usage environment or a new additional environment is required, we will deal with it immediately.
  • Network connectivity solutions to AWS are also available.
  • Available on invoice payment in THB.
    (If you make a contract directly with AWS, you have to pay by credit card in USD.)

We can also offer other services

We can also propose Internet connection from many option like multiple carrier (redundant) and SDWAN.
We also offer other AWS services as you like.

  • Virtual server “EC2”
  • Database “RDS”
  • Storage “S3” etc.


Service items

Selectable items Storage volume, storage type (HDD/SSD), Availability Zone (AZ) implementation, data transfer rate/volume, backup volume
Additional services AWS support, setup and migration, VPN implementation, network managed services
*A VPN must be used to connect from the customer office to Amazon Web Services

Pricing example

  • No Availability Zone (AZ) redundancy, data transfer rate of 8Mbps, data transfer volume: 25% of contracted amount, backup volume: using 25% of contracted amount as volume shadow copy service
  • Region: Asia Pacific (Singapore)
Disk space Storage VPN usage Data Transfer Total(THB)
256GB N/A  1,510 All
195 N/A 2,895
512GB N/A 2,400 450 N/A 4,040
1TB N/A 4,100 960 N/A 6,250
2TB 1,820 7,500 1,970 4,980 10,660
4TB 2,970 14,400 4,000 8,160 19,590

* Please contact us for details.

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+66(2) 075 8888

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Contact Us

+66(2) 075 8888

Language support: Japanese press 7, Thai press 8, English press 9
Service Time:Workday 9:00~17:15
(Inavailable on Saturday, Sunday and national holidays )

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