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Security measures for
industrial and
production systems

~OT equipment visualization and managed services~

As the factory DX of recent years continues to advance through the use of clouds and IoT,
the OT environment has begun to communicate with external sources
like the Internet, bringing with it the need for security on par with an IT environment.

How does DX occur in the manufacturing industry?

As production efficiency has improved through conversion of factories through DX (utilization of clouds/IoT), the OT environment, which was previously closed, is increasingly being linked with the outside world.

By introducing systems such as smart factories that link IT and OT, it is possible to automate and streamline operations and improve productivity.

In addition, by visualizing information such as production rate and operating rate, it becomes easier to investigate causes when problems occur.

本社を中心とする全体最適のシステムを目指す1 本社を中心とする全体最適のシステムを目指す2

Do you have security measures in place
for your industrial and production systems?

As with the IT environment, increased communication with the outside world presents numerous security risks to the OT environment.

In recent years, there have been many cases of attacks such as intrusions into production site systems, freezing of production systems and forcing of factories to stop.

A survey of the 10 major security threats to industrial control systems (*1) shows an increasing trend in malware infections via the Internet and intranets, and attacks on external networks and cloud components.

The introduction of OT security to protect against such threats is a challenge organizations now face. How exactly, though, should we implement OT security measures in the industrial and manufacturing industries?

[Germany BSI] Industrial Control System (ICS) Security -10 Major Threats and Countermeasures 2019-


4 OT security measure issues
to be addressed

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